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It seems that your facebook friend Anas Ahmad Faris has invited you to be a merchant in myfAd.

The success of your business strongly depends on how you market it! Studies show that marketing over social media such as Facebook can greatly increase your sales. A new method of marketing your product is by using myfAd, an innovative marketing system that uses Facebook to market your product. myfAd is effective, proven, cheap, and easy to use.

What is myfAd?

Have you ever wanted people to share your business over facebook? Imagine that if a single user who shared your post has thousands of friends, this means that thousands of people can see your post! Now multiply the user by few hundreds and you will have a high organic reach to your post. Welcome to myfAd! An innovative advertising marketing system developed by Center of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (UTM) to help you market your business using facebook sharing.

How myfAd Advertise My Business?

myfAd works on the core principle of facebook sharing. After you created your business post, myfAd will assigns subscribers to share your post on their facebook page. Subscribers are facebook users who registered with myfAd and their main job is to share merchant's post such as your post. Your post will be seen by thousands of people because subscriber's followers can see your post too. If they interested, they will buy from you or share it over their wall. Hence improving your business reach.

A Demostration of myfAd

Here you can see an example of our merchant's post being shared by subscribers. Note that myfAd application (highlighted in box) appears in the post. This means that the post is being shared by facebook users aka myfAd's subscribers.

How to Register as myfAd Merchant?

We are glad you want to try myfAd's innovative advertising technology. Registration is totally free, simply click the register button below to register or learn more at our website .