What is an Affliate Programme?

An affiliate program is a win-win partnership between a Non-Government Organization (NGO) and myfAd where the NGO could publicly announce the myfAd program to its members.

The more members the NGO has, the more possibility of getting more benefits from myfAd affiliate program.

Terms and Conditions

  1. myfAd reserves the right to accept or reject the application of NGO as an affiliate of myfAd program.

  2. An NGO that is accepted as an affiliate of myfAd must not be involved in the activities related to:

    1. Terrorism or violence
    2. Religion
    3. Politics
    4. Negative elements
    5. Breaking the law of the country

  3. The duration of offer for an affiliate is one year and can be renewed every year subject to the decision by myfAd.

  4. An NGO that is accepted as myfAd's affiliate has to promote to its members to join myfAd as Subscriber.

  5. myfAd will pay a commission of 3% of the price of every "Share" that the members of the NGO clicked, provided the members of the NGO registered themselves as the affiliate of the NGO.

  6. myfAd Subscribers shall have the right to change their affiliate NGO once a year.

  7. Payment of the amount as stated in item 5 will be made directly to the NGO's bank account every middle of the following month.

  8. myfAd reserves the right to cancel the affiliate membership of an NGO at any time if the NGO is found to breach any of the terms and conditions stated by myfAd and is found to provide myfAd with false information.

Affliate Registration