About myfAd

We (myfAd Sdn Bhd) are an advertising company that connects businesses with facebook users. Our main ideology assumes that merchants (business) are willing to pay subscriber (facebook users) so that subscribers will share the merchant's facebook post (which promote the merchant's product/services) in subscriber's facebook wall. By sharing the merchant's post, it allows subscriber's friends to view it and they might be interested to purchase the product/services. Hence we created a system called myfAd as a platform to realise this ideology.

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Subscriber are facebook users who registered with our system. Their job is to share Merchant's advertisements posts. When a subscriber share a merchant facebook's post for 7 days, he will get paid by myfAd. A subscriber can have up to a maximum of two down-lines under him. Level 1 down-lines are people who first click the invitation link the subscriber sent them while level 2 down-lines are people who are the down-lines of level 1. The benefits of a subscriber having a large network is that even though the subscriber is not selected to share a facebook post but his down-line get selected to share the post, he will get paid as well. We encourage the subscriber to expand his network because it will benefit himself, myfAd, and businesses. It is a win-win situation for all.

Activities subscriber can do to earn money:

  • Selected share - Share merchant's post when selected by myfAd to share.
  • Open share - Share merchant's post which is open to all subscriber at first come first serve basis.
  • Contest - Share merchant's post contest to win RM5 per share.


Merchant are businesses which register with our system (myfAd). They have their own facebook page. In their facebook page, they have facebook posts that promote their product/services. But they will need people (Subscriber) to share these posts in facebook to help advertise their product using facebook. The merchant can specify the subscriber requirements such as the gender of subscribers, age, income, interest and other demographic settings through myfAd. After specifying the demographics of subscribers, myfAd will search its subscriber database to find subscriber that matched the merchant's specification. The merchant will pay myfad based on how many facebook shares he wants.

Activities merchant can do to viral their facebook post (aka ads):

  • Create ads - Specify demographics for an ads and myfAd will choose the subscribers to share the ads according to the specified demographics
  • Promoter - Promote other merchants to join myfAd and earn commision for every share they bought from myfAd.
  • Contest - Create contest and let thousands of subscribers share your ads. Winners will be picked among those shared your post.